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FAQ for the ProPak BEST VALUE

ADDED BONUS- ProPak can be shared with all of your special friends and families! Multiple families can learn a new language at the same time

Q.What languages do you offer? English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian and Latvian.

Q. Do I have to download any software? No, there is no download required. Our language courses run right in the Internet browser, giving you ultimate flexibility, without any CD-ROM installations. All it takes is a computer and an Internet connection.

Q. Can I download the site to study offline? Unfortunately, we do not offer downloading capabilities at this time, however each lesson can be printed by clicking on the printer icon for a printer friendly version of the lesson.

Q How much time will I need to spend? You can begin speaking your new language in as little as 30 minutes per day!

Q. How long does a ProPak membership last? A membership term is 12 months. Of course, members can learn and enjoy the resources at their own pace.

Q. How is taking an Internet course different from classroom instruction? Online learning provides flexibility in today's fast-paced world. You can study and learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home and office. Just login, when you are ready to begin and there is NO LIMIT to class size.

Q. What are some of the sample subjects included in the ProPak? En101 Kids Games, animals, numbers, alphabet, sports, food, clock, time, clothing, rooms Writing 101 Single Words, short sentences, short paragraphs, letter practice Pronunciation 101 Clothing, school, computer, electronics, office, sports, travel, transportation, street signs, body parts

Business 101
Presenting 101, power phrases, quotes and opposites Introductions, resume, writing letters, basic computer and Internet lessons

Academic vocabulary, idiomatic language, improving listening skills, sentence structure and grammar, tutorials to increase reading comprehension and writing skills. Preparation for high school equivalency examinations and TOEFL college entry exams.

Preparation for United States citizenship study guide and quiz, Pledge of Allegiance, states and capitals, presidents, songs of America, Bill of Rights

Love and Dating, personality traits, Pronouncing vowels and consonants, personal and possessive Pronouns, prepositions, past and present tense, Grammar (Past tense with prepositions), Regular and irregular verbs, adverbs, common courtesies, "Please, thank you, you're welcome"; Asking for assistance, I need a policeman, a doctor, Counting to 100, United States Currency, Colors, shapes and sizes, days, Months, Time, seasons, weather; Groceries, fruits, vegetables, restaurants, fast food, Family relationships, body Parts, Health, Hospitals, Doctor and Dentist Appointments, Bank accounts, travelers checks, applying for a loan.


Russian Women Dating
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